Statement on Fraudulent Websites and Unauthorised Sales Platforms - Year 2019


Prudential wishes to alert members of the public of fraudulent websites and unauthorised sales platforms listed below:

Fraudulent Websites


Website Names 香港英國保誠保險總部 保誠國際 BAOCHENG 保誠國際 BAOCHENG 保誠國際 BAOCHENG 保誠國際 BAOCHENG 保誠國際 BAOCHENG 保誠國際 BAOCHENG 


Unauthorised Sales Platforms

Websites/Media Platform Accounts

Websites / WeChat Accounts /Company Names

WeChat ID: Prudential613 PrudentialHK
WeChat ID: gh_5716442fae27 英國保誠官網
WeChat ID: myprudential_hk/ myprudentialhk HK保誠Prudential
WeChat ID: Prudential668 Prudential香港金融
WeChat ID: gh_c63bd39f477 Prudential
WeChat ID: Prudential_hk 香港保誠Prudential
WeChat ID: Yingguobaochengbx 英國保誠Prudential內陸咨詢
WeChat ID: Prudential_HK1964 英國保誠Prudential
WeChat ID: Yy228475958 Prudential私享會
WeChat ID: Reanay-Pru HK Prudential LTD
WeChat ID: prudentialmaster 香港英國保誠Prudential最優資訊
WeChat ID: Gh_192433b3d8cf PrudentialHK
WeChat ID: Prudential-HK1964 英國保誠香港PRUDENTIAL
WeChat ID: PRU_baocheng_HK 英國保誠PRUDENTIAL香港中心
WeChat ID: gh_3818c732378d Prudential實習HK
WeChat ID: gh_403811256448 Prudential英國保誠公司
WeChat ID: Baochengbx 英國保誠保險


These websites/media platforms promote Prudential products and purport to be an official website or sales platform of Prudential. Prudential hereby declares that it has no connection with these fraudulent websites nor authorised sales platforms.

If customers are concerned that they may have disclosed personal information, carried out transactions through these websites/media platforms, or have received information purporting to be sent from Prudential, they should report to the Hong Kong Police Force or contact Prudential Customer Services Hotline at (852) 2281 1333 (Life Insurance) or (852) 3656 8362 (General Insurance and Employee Benefits).

The official Prudential website/media platforms are: