Security Policy


Prudential Hong Kong Limited and Prudential General Insurance Hong Kong Limited (collectively “Prudential”) have taken all reasonable precautions to provide a reliable online transaction platform. Prudential adopts Secure Site Services from VERISIGN, a renowned provider of security services for electronic commerce and communication to enhance our web site security measures.


Through the use of VERISIGN Secure Site Services,


  1. you can authenticate or verify our web site so that you can be assured that the web site belongs to Prudential; and
  2. you can communicate with us via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology so that your privacy will be protected.


Secure transactions over the Internet


Prudential adopts 128-bit SSL encryption technology to ensure data transmission over the Internet is being protected. 128-bit encryption offers the highest level of protection possible for all Internet communications, including credit card use and financial transactions, and it is now a very popular protection method used by most recognized online banks and institutions around the world.


You may find a “safety lock” sign at the bottom right hand corner of the Internet Explorer when you visit Prudential’s website. This sign represents your online transactions are being protected by the SSL encryption technology.


Protection of personal information and policy details


Your personal information and policy details are safe and protected. To gain access to such information through the online policy services, user is required to provide correct login ID and password.  Therefore, you are responsible for keeping your login ID and password safe and confidential to avoid unauthorized access.


You are advised to prepare a set of login ID and password that are difficult to be uncovered by the other parties. Besides, we suggest you to logout the online policy services instantly after usage, and change your password regularly.


Should you suspect your login ID, password or personal information was being stolen by other parties, please acknowledge Prudential at your earliest convenience.


If you have any queries concerning the above information, please feel free to contact us.