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Listening. Understanding. Delivering.

Listening. Understanding. Delivering.

Prudential has been serving the people of Hong Kong since 1964. Through Prudential Hong Kong Limited and Prudential General Insurance Hong Kong Limited, we provide a range of financial planning services and products including individual life insurance, investment-linked insurance, retirement solutions, health and medical protection, general insurance and employee benefits to protect over 1 million customers in Hong Kong.

Solvency Ratio and Credit Ratings

Pursuant to the circular issued by the Hong Kong Insurance Authority (“HKIA”) in March 2020 in connection with The Insurance (Determination for Long Term Liabilities) Rules (Cap 41E), Rule 8(7)(a), HKIA has approved Prudential Hong Kong Limited’s (“the Company”) application of applying 5-year averaging approach as set out in the circular for the purpose of determining the valuation interest rate used to discount the liability cash flows. Under the new approach, the unaudited solvency ratio of the Company was 564% as at 30 June 2020.

*For reference, the unaudited solvency ratio for the Company as measured under the Insurance Ordinance of Hong Kong basis was 520% as at 31 March 2020.

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Our History

Prudential was founded in 1848 to provide professional people with loans secured by life assurance. Prudential grew rapidly and by the 1900s the company insured one third of the UK population.


Prudential was founded in 1848 to provide professional people with loans secured by life assurance. This market broadened during the second half of the nineteenth century with the opening of the Industrial Branch, which sold insurance policies for weekly premiums of a penny upward to the working classes through a network of agents. The company was established as The Prudential Mutual Assurance Investment and Loan Association. This was shortened after a series of acquisitions to The Prudential Assurance Company (PAC) in 1867.

PAC became a limited company in 1881, following the Limited Liability Act (1880). At this time the company was owned by fewer than 100 shareholders and most of these were related to the directors. Prudential grew rapidly and by the 1900s the company insured one third of the UK population.

New policies for single women, family and home protection were introduced following the First World War. Prudential shares were floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1924, and a further range of products was initiated in 1929 with the establishment of group pensions. During the 1950s and 1960s, Prudential focused on life cover, long-term savings products and retirement annuities. By the 1970s Prudential had established a wide range of assurance, investment and savings products.

Prudential’s international business continued to grow rapidly through the latter part of the 20th century. In 1986, Prudential gained a firm foothold in the United States with the acquisition of Jackson National Life Insurance Company, and Prudential Corporation Asia was established in 1994 in recognition of the high potential for growth in Asia. In more recent years, Prudential has entered the fast-growing African life insurance industry.

Today, Prudential plc combines the exciting growth potential of our Asia, US and Africa businesses as a leading international insurance and asset management group. The Company remains headquartered and premium listed in London. Across the world, Prudential continues to help people de-risk their lives and deal with their biggest financial concerns.

In 1964, Prudential began providing insurance products in Hong Kong. Since then, the operations have grown from strength to strength and established Prudential as a leading financial services brand, offering high quality life and general insurance products to protect over 1 million customers in Hong Kong.

Today, Prudential’s long-standing, deep commitment to Hong Kong continues through two locally-incorporated companies: Prudential Hong Kong Limited (PHKL) and Prudential General Insurance Hong Kong Limited (PGHK). PHKL offers a broad range of financial protection, health protection and retirement planning products, while PGHK is dedicated to delivering a wide range of general insurance and employee benefits for our customers.

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Remarks: Prudential plc is not affiliated in any manner with Prudential Financial, Inc., a company whose principal place of business is in the United States of America.


Financial Institution Awards 2020 - Bloomberg BusinessWeek

  • Insurance Company of the Year (for the 6th consecutive year)
  • Customer Service – Excellence
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Excellence
  • Online Solution – Excellence
  • Claims Management – Excellence
  • Integrated Marketing (Branding Promotion) – Excellence
  • Recruitment Programme of the Year – Excellence
  • District Achievement of the Year (Agency Force) – Excellence
  • Training Academy – Excellence
  • General Insurance (Total Solution) – Excellence



The Hong Kong Insurance Awards 2020 – The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers and South China Morning Post

Grand Award

  • Outstanding Young Professional of the Year – Intermediary (Cheung Sze Yiu)


Top 3 Awards

  • Outstanding Training and Development Award
  • Outstanding Digital Marketing Campaign Award
  • Outstanding Agent of the Year (Kathy Siu)



IFPHK Financial Education Leadership Awards 2020

  • Best Corporate Financial Education Leadership of the Year
  • Corporate Financial Education Leadership - Gold Award
  • Corporate Financial Education Leadership for the Best Advocate
  • Accredited Professional Financial Planning Firm



IFTA Fintech Achievement Awards

  • InsurTech - Gold Award



HR Asia Awards

  • Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2020 (HK Edition) 



HKMA Quality Award 2020

  • Merits Award



HKMA Award for Excellence in Training and Development 2020

  • Best in Future Skills Development
  • Distinguished Trainer Award (1 winner)
  • Outstanding New Trainer Award (3 winners)



Outstanding Brand Awards - Economic Digest

  • Outstanding Insurance Service



52nd Distinguished Salesperson Award (DSA) Programme

  • DSA awards (9 winners)
  • Outstanding Young Salesperson Award (OYSA) - Best Presentation Award (1 winner)
  • Top 5 finalist (2 winners)



PR Awards 2020 - Marketing Magazine

  • Best PR Campaign – Finance and Insurance (Gold Award)
  • Best PR Campaign - Public Awareness (Silver Award)
  • Best Results Driven Campaign (Bronze Award)



MARKies Awards – Marketing Magazine

  • Best Idea – Video (Silver)
  • Best Use of Technology (Silver)



Bloomberg Businessweek – Financial Institution Awards

  • Insurance Company of the Year (Excellence)

  • Training Academy (Excellence)

  • Customer Services (Excellence)

  • Critical Illness Protection (Excellence)

  • Digital Innovation (Excellence)

  • General Insurance - Travel Insurance (Excellence)

  • Integrated Marketing - Branding Promotion (Outstanding)


Hong Kong Leaders’ Choice Awards 2019

  • Excellent Brand of Critical Illness Insurance Services

  • Excellent Financial Planning Service Brand


iMoney Insurance Excellence Awards 2019

  • Best Insurance Company (Life Insurance)


The Sparks Award for Media Excellence 2019 - Marketing Magazine

  • Best Audience Acquisition Strategy (Gold Award)

  • Best Use of Multi-channels (Gold Award)

  • Best Engagement Strategy (Silver Award)

  • Best Use of Technology (Silver award)


Hong Kong Insurance Awards 2019 - Hong Kong Federation of Insurers

  • Outstanding Integrated Marketing Strategies Award

  • Outstanding Customer Services Award

  • Outstanding Agent of the Year Award

  • Outstanding Young Professional of the Year Award - Intermediary

  • Excellence in Digital Transformation Award