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Travel Insurance

PRUChoice Travel Overseas Study

Designed for students who study abroad by protecting them against unexpected accidents, with option of Semi-Annual and Annual Cover

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Personal Accident Protection

We cover accidental death, total permanent disablement, total permanent loss of limb / sight / speech and hearing, which are directly resulted from the accidents during your study, up to HKD1,200,000.

Extra benefits
  • Kidnapping and terrorist attack coverage

  • Compassionate visit

  • Overseas residence protection

  • Graduation incentive as a celebration for your graduation

Optional cover for medical expenses

You can choose to top up your plan for additional protection according to your personal needs.

No Claim Discount (NCD)
  • If you did not make any claims in the preceding year - 10% NCD at the subsequent renewal.

  • If you did not make any claims in 2 consecutive years - 20% NCD at the subsequent renewal.


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This information is for reference only and does not constitute any contract or any part thereof between Prudential and any other parties. Regarding other details and the terms and conditions of this insurance, please refer to the policy document. Prudential will be happy to provide a specimen of the policy document upon your request.

The features and premium mentioned above are only applicable to new application on or after 30 June, 2020.