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  • Diversified products offering every
    protection you need
    Diversified products offering every protection you need

    Prudential Hong Kong Limited (“Prudential”) is one of the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) providers in Hong Kong. We have launched two VHIS plans, namely PRUHealth CoreChoice Medical Plan and PRUHealth FlexiChoice Medical Plan, offering choices for customers according to their personal needs, affordability, coverage and benefit limits of the relevant products.

    Adding to our existing six medical expenses reimbursement products, the two new VHIS plans have expanded our product offering to a total of eight, catering for different needs and preferences. Prudential has been striving to promote the concept of total insurance solutions, offering a full suite of products to protect every single aspect of life from life insurance, critical illness, hospitalisation (medical), to accident and disability protection. Most of our medical insurance plans can be purchased as riders to enjoy a preferential premium rate than a stand-alone policy.

  • Our team of professionals you can trust and rely on
    Our team of professionals you can trust and rely on

    At Prudential, our solid team of professional consultants provides customers with the quality and reliable services that meet their needs. We offer integrated solutions with our diversified portfolio of protection products after a thorough understanding and analysis of our customers’ needs and preferences. In 2018, Prudential processed close to 110,000 claims, totalling more than HK$3 billion . From initial financial need analysis , claims follow up, to regular coverage review, a designated consultant will be assigned to look after every single aspect of the customers’ needs for protection. Customers are free from dealing with the many tedious administrative procedures.

  • PRUHealth Service Platform
    PRUHealth Service Platform

    Our PRUmobile app has been upgraded to become a mobile health platform for customers. The updated app now includes a series of health management functions and a suite of value-added comprehensive services* from disease prevention, to wellness and health management. The app is a good partner in daily life which offering smart health tips, as well as looking after your need for protection.

    Prudential individual life insurance customers will receive professional advice from a team of wellness coaches via online chat, to learn a suitable diet and work-out routine. Customers can also take part in a tailor-made, 16-week lifestyle intervention programme which is developed based on the clinically proven programme by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to prevent diabetes.

    The programme tackles the basics - develop a healthy lifestyle model in prevention of any high risk diseases, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar.

    *Services are provided by third party service providers. Prudential is not the service provider or its agent. Prudential makes no representation, warranty or undertaking as to the quality and availability of the services and shall not accept any responsibility or liability for the services provided by the service providers. Under no circumstance Prudential shall be responsible or liable for the acts or omissions or services of the service providers.

  • Online E-claim & Claimable Amount Estimate
    Online E-claim & Claimable Amount Estimate

    Our PRUmobile app enables online submission of claims. Customers can experience the convenience of claims submission, supporting documents upload, as well as status monitoring with just a few clicks, any time, anywhere. Customers will receive a notification alert on the progress upon completion of claim procedures.

    Customers can submit a request for claim amount estimate by logging into myPrudential. The preliminary estimate amount is based on the medical expenses budget provided by the healthcare services provider and/or the attending registered doctor. It gives an indication on how much spending should be allowed for.

  • Medical examination at our self-owned medical centers
    Medical examination at our self-owned medical centers

    Prudential has its own medical centres with our in-house team of doctors conduct health examinations for customers prior to their purchase of insurance plans. In addition, the doctors also administer non-regular vaccine injections and conduct health checks for existing customers. Our medical centres have exclusive reception areas and health assessment rooms for for VIP customers. These facilities demonstrate Prudential’s commitment in delivering outstanding customer experience and services.

A comprehensive approach to the right decision

The insurance market is crowded with many medical insurance plans. When choosing a VHIS plan, one should consider different factors and evaluate the various plans before making a final decision. In addition to comparing coverages of the plans and the services offered by the consultants, customers should also take into consideration the ability of the insurers in steadying the premiums in the future.

Customers can assess the stability of premium based on the following three aspects:

Type of insurer

The products and coverage that insurers offer vary from one to another. Customers should consider their long-term needs for protection rather than simply the immediate need for a medical plan.

Prudential has been striving to promote the concept of total insurance solutions, offering a full suite of products to protect every single aspect of life from life insurance, critical illness, hospitalisation (medical), to accident and medical protection. These products can be purchased as a stand-alone policy or riders (if applicable) to give customers the flexibility. Premium for riders is generally lower than that of stand-alone policy which gives customers a preferential premium rate for protection. Prudential consultants conduct regular reviews for customers to ensure they are well protected at different stages in life.

Risk of premium volatility

All insurance policies are subject to potential premium volatility. Therefore, customers should take reference of the insurers’ past performance in managing the increase of premiums. Avoid paying too much attention to the premium amount in the first few years. Customers should rather carefully consider the factors that affect the long-term premium changes and total premium paid, for example: size of the insurer, its customer base and track record in risk management.

Long-term protection

Health insurance is a long-term protection. The premium amount is subject to various factors, such as age, gender and smoking habit. Customers should purchase a medical plan sooner than later, to avoid any impact on the result of application or even being rejected once their health condition changes.