"Hospital to Prudential"

How many hospitals are supporting the H2P service?

Currently, Hospital-to-Prudential(H2P) claims service is applicable to Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital in Wong Chuk Hang and Union Hospital in Shatin. Prudential will continue to explore opportunities with other hospital operators to benefit more customers.

How do I use the H2P service, and what kind of claims are applicable?

Before admission to the designated hospital,you may contact your financial consultant to use the H2P service. Your financial consultant will assist you to complete and sign the claim form on our digital platform. After successful submission, an SMS with H2P reference number will be sent to your mobile phone number simultaneously. Upon admission, you should present the H2P reference number to the hospital admission staff to activate the H2P process. After discharge, the hospital will encrypt and send the claims application and related medical documents to Prudential directly. This service supports all types of individual hospital reimbursement claims (except out-patient) or hospital cash claims except medical policies of general insurance and all direct marketing policies.

What documents will the hospital submit to Prudential for claims application on behalf of the customer and when will they be submitted?

The hospital staff will submit the claim form, invoice and receipts, discharge summary and medical report (if any). The hospital will submit the claims application to Prudential within 7 working days upon discharge.

Does the system support simplified Chinese input?


Does H2P service require a signature in the claims application?

During the application, you are required to sign the claim form on your financial consultant’s mobile tablet, with consent to the authorization for the current claim, and the application will be submitted. If the life assured is 18 years old or above, the claim form has to be signed by the life assured. Otherwise, the claim form requires to be signed by the policyowner.

Is it necessary to submit the original receipts as usual?

The original receipts will be submitted by the hospital to Prudential via electronic means and will NOT be provided to you. However, you can request the hospital to provide you with a copy of the receipts for your own record.

Does H2P support claim application for a single policy only?

If the life assured has more than one policy with hospital reimbursement and/or hospital cash benefit, we will proceed the claim with all the eligible benefits in a pre-determined order.

If there is pending for supplementary medical document(s), will Prudential contact the hospital directly?

If the source of the required documents is from the hospital, we will contact the hospital directly. However, we may still require you to provide other medical document(s), such as health checkup report or other related information. You should submit all other non-medical supplementary documents (e.g. ID copy, address proof…etc.) directly to us or via your financial consultant/ broker.

If I would like to rectify any information on the claim form after it has been submitted via the H2P digital platform, what should I do?

Once the claim form is submitted, it cannot be retrieved for rectification. If necessary, please contact us or your financial consultant /broker for rectification.

Can Prudential pre-pay the hospital bill so that I do not have to file a claim later?

No, as this is not a “pre-payment arrangement” service, you will need to settle the hospital bill before discharge.