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How can I make a claim?

Simply fill out the appropriate claim form and return together with all the supporting documents e.g. discharge form, sick leave certificate, medical report etc.. Further information may be required after our initial claim assessment. You may contact our Customer Service Hotline at 2281 1333 or refer to “Claims Forms and Submission Guideline”.

Is it a must to ask the attending physician to complete Part II of the claim form? Will you reimburse the charges to me?

A duly completed claim form part II is required for us to assess the claim and the client should bear the cost. Nevertheless, we are pleased to waive part II if the Life Assured's condition meets the criteria set by the company. Please contact your financial consultant for details.

Do I have to submit Part 2 of Crisis Cover (CC) Claim Form?

Yes, you have to submit both part 1 and part 2 of Crisis Cover Claim Form. The required form of part 2 will depend on the diagnosis. You may contact your financial consultant or our Customer Service Hotline at 2281 1333 for details.

Can I apply for a hospital claim if I were hospitalized overseas?

Yes, except for special case that endorsement is given to client to limit hospitalization in certain hospitals, client could apply hospital claim provided that all relevant documents are furnished to us.

When should I notify your company of my hospital claim?

According to the contract provisions, the life assured is required to furnish the claim to our company within 90 days from the date of discharge.

Can I get back the medical receipt?

Yes, you can request for certified true copy of medical receipt(s) by filling the Form of Request For Certified True Copy Of Medical Receipt(s). You have to submit the signed and completed form together with the original medical receipt(s) at the same time. You must specify the delivery option. Correspondence address must be provided if the certified true copy is delivered by post. Mainlander may request for returning original medical receipt if it is issued by mainland hospital. Please contact your Financial Consultant for details.

What document is needed for filing a death claim?

The normal documents required are claim form part 1 and part 2, original death certificate, original ID card of Life Assured and Trustee/Beneficiary, original policy with a signed deed of trust (if trustee has been assigned). Depending on the case, additional documents may be required.

Who will you pay upon the death of the Life Assured for a Juvenile policy?

The Assured.

Who will receive my death proceeds if I do not appoint any trustee or beneficiary?

As there is no such appointment, we would pay to the Assured's estate administrator stated in the Letters of Administration. In this connection, the letters of administration is needed for release of claims proceeds.

Can I request your company to pay the death proceeds to charity funds?

Once the Life Assured has changed the beneficiary to the organization and provided we have accepted such change, we would agree to pay to the charity funds as requested.

If I had filed a Waiver of Premium claim and am still awaiting your decision, do I have to pay the premium for this interim period?

Before we have reached a decision to pay the claim, you are obliged to pay the premiums to keep the policy in force. After we had admitted the Waiver of Premium claim, we will then refund the premium paid for the waiver period.