FAQ > PRUchoice Card Protection Plus

Who underwrites this product?

This product is underwritten by Prudential General Insurance Hong Kong Limited.

Who is The "Applicant"?

"The Applicant" - must be aged 18 or over, plan to own this policy, and will be responsible for all related premium costs.

Who will be covered in this policy?

The applicant and a maximum of 4 immediate family members of the applicant which only include the applicant’s spouse and unmarried children aged 17 or below who normally and permanently residing in the same place of residence with the applicant in Hong Kong. The applicant and his/her 4 family members will enjoy related protection once the application is approved.

If I am abroad and I find that my handbag, wallet, purse, pen, card case, key case, 'Octopus' stored value card and/or optical glasses was/were lost together with HKID and credit card, what should I do?

Should you need an emergency assistance, when you discover the items are lost, you could immediately contact IPA Alarm Centre which provides you a 24 hours emergency travel assistance service. We shall also provide you a Cash Advance for your emergency needs when you are aboard due to the incident.*

* Please refer policy provision for details.

Further to the above question, how can I pay for my hotel expenses?

Should you need emergency of overseas' advance hotel bill payment, we shall liaise with the hotel and advance the expenses to pay the hotel directly*.

* Please refer policy provision for details.