Accident Insurance, Disability Income Plan & Total Disability Waiver of Premium Benefit

  • Additional Accident Benefit

    Accidents are unpredictable and could happen to any one of us. Additional Accident Benefit provides you and your family with extra financial protection in case of unexpected misfortune.

  • Disability Income Benefit

    Accidents and illnesses are unpredictable and will cause you unexpected financial burden. It is therefore wise to plan ahead to protect your family with the financial security they need before misfortunes occur. If you are unable to work due to injury or sickness, Disability Income Benefit can provide you with a regular monthly income to relieve your financial burden.

    Disability Income Benefit at a glance

    • The plan is 5-year renewable without evidence of health if your occupation remains unchanged, allowing you to enjoy
      continuous protection up to age 65 (ANB)
    • The plan provides 24-hour worldwide coverage to ensure that you have round-the-clock protection
    • You have an option to increase the benefit automatically by 6% or the Consumer Price Index (B) on each policy
      anniversary, whichever is lower, whilst the benefit is being paid
  • PRUaccident care series

    Accidents can happen anytime. When it occurs, you may suffer unexpected financial hardships. PRUaccident care series has three plans each designed to safeguard you against the financial impact of accidents and injuries with different levels of protection.

  • PRUparent plan

    You may have built up your career and be forging ahead . . . Yet without the care and support of your parents, you might not have achieved so much. Now, as your parents are heading into their old age, it’s your turn to repay their love with your support. That’s why Prudential offers PRUparent plan to help you give your loved parents a worry free life.

    Benefits at a glance

    • Life protection and long term care combined in one
    • Enjoy guaranteed renewability
    • Easily convert your policy with guaranteed insurability
    • Medical check-up every 2 years
    • Extra protection from supplementary medical benefits
  • PRUmyprotection 10-pay accident plan

    You can never be sure what the future holds. No matter how alert you are, accidents can happen without warning. At Prudential, we understand your concerns and have designed a comprehensive accident plan, PRUmyprotection 10-pay accident plan, to help protect your family against the financial impact of unexpected incidents.

    PRUmyprotection 10-pay accident plan at a glance

    • Lump sum payment upon accidental death, dismemberment and total permanent disability

    • Double benefit for accidents during school activities, in public buildings and on public transportation

    • Extra Caring Benefit for reimbursement of facial reconstructive surgery and psychological treatment medical expenses

    • Reimbursement of medical expenses for minor injuries

    • Easy application where you can pay up the plan in 10 years

  • Total Disability Waiver of Premium Benefit

    With a life insurance policy, you can be assured that your interests will be well taken care of should any misfortune happen. However, if you become disabled and can no longer afford premium payments, you may have to bear the possible loss of part or all of your insurance protection.

    Total Disability Waiver of Premium Benefit is specially designed to ensure that your protection will not be affected even if you are unable to meet your premium payments.