PRUCare Accident Cover Series

3 supplementary accident plans with different protection levels that enhance your existing cover

Accident are unavoidable, so it is always better to be prepared.
Our PRUCare Accident Cover Series safeguards you with 3 plans –
PRUCare Accident Essential Cover,
PRUCare Accident Advanced Cover
and PRUCare Accident Premier Cover – each with different levels of protection. Some of the plans in this series cover for medical expenses and disability caused by an accident to add depth to your protection.

Series Highlights

lump-sum payout
Lump-sum payout for accidental death and
accidental dismemberment
cover accident-related medical expenses
Accident-related medical expenses covered by enrolling PRUCare Accident Advanced Cover and
PRUCare Accident Premier Cover, such as:
  • Inpatient and outpatient medical treatments expenses
  • Medical treatments provided by a registered chiropractor, physiotherapist or occupational therapist
  • Bone-setting or acupuncture by a registered
    Chinese medicine practitioner
stronger safety net
A stronger safety net with disability cover offering weekly or monthly income
double up protection
Your protection doubled up in case of death, dismemberment and total permanent disability caused by an accident in specific situations
extra benefit and services
Extra benefit and services to enhance your protection, including:
  • If the life insured suffers from illness or an accident that happens overseas, emergency evacuation and repatriation cover will be provided
  • Compassionate Death Benefit

Plans Comparison

BenefitsPRUCare Accident
Essential Cover
PRUCare Accident
Advanced Cover
PRUCare Accident
Premier Cover
Accident Death
Accident Dismemberment Benefit      
Accident Medical Reimbursement Benefit -    
Partial Temporary Disability Benefit* - -  
Total Temporary Disability Benefit* - -  
Total Permanent Disability Benefit*      
Double Indemnity
Worldwide Emergency Assistance
Compassionate Death Benefit      

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