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Claims made easy

Claiming for accidents or disability

We aim to make the claims process painless & easy. Call your financial consultant if you need help.
Our Claims Promise

Our Claims Promise

A Prudential policy protects you and your family during life’s difficult moments. We pay your claim as quickly as possible and with compassion and care. We make it simple and easy, and only ask for necessary information.
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Documents you’ll need

Accident claim

Submit the following documents within 90 days from the date of your accident.

Documents you’ll need
  • ID copy of life assured and policyowner

  • Copy of supporting document(s), e.g. sick leave certificate, labour assessment certification, X-ray report, police statement, etc.

  • Original medical receipt(s), with the following information clearly indicated:

    • Consultation date

    • Name of patient

    • Diagnosis

    • Breakdown of charges

  • Copy of discharge summary

  • A copy of referral letter from your attending Registered Doctor for the claims of Chiropractor/Physiotherapy/Occupational therapy, Diagnostic X-ray, Laboratory Tests, Home Nursing Service

  • Copy of written recommendation by registered Physician/ Physiotherapist /Occupational therapist for purchasing/renting of medical appliances

  • Complete and sign accident claim form

Please note
  • Part 2 of the claim form must be completed and signed by the life assured’s attending registered physician, at your own cost.

  • Part 3 of the claim form must be completed and signed by the life assured’s employer (for non-self-employed individuals who are claiming temporary disability benefit for over 10 days).


Disability claim

Submit the following documents within 180 days from the start date of your disability.

Documents you’ll need
  • ID copy of Life Assured and Policyowner

  • Copies of sick leave certificate with clear diagnosis

  • Copies of supporting document(s), e.g. laboratory report, physiotherapy report, etc.

  • Evidence of gross earnings, e.g. inland revenue tax assessment, salary proof, etc. (for Disability Income Benefit claim only)

  • Complete and sign the disability claim form


Please note
  • Part 1 of the claim form must indicate your cheque currency (for US currency cheques, please indicate if it’s a local or overseas cheque)

  • Part 2 of the claim form must be completed and signed by the life assured’s attending registered physician, at your own cost.

Submission instructions

Via Post: 

Our mailing address
P.O. Box No. 28058, Gloucester Road Post Office, Hong Kong

Via your financial consultant: 

Send claim form and relevant documents to your financial consultant and they will manage the claims for you


Frequently asked questions

How do I fill in my claim form?

Need help with the forms? We’ve prepared some sample claim forms to assist you.


These samples are for reference only. They do not guarantee successful claims or constitute any contract or any part thereof between Prudential Hong Kong Limited and any other parties.

Must a doctor complete part II of the claim form?

Yes, it is mandatory in order for us to assess your claim. Unfortunately, you bear the cost of consultation. However, should your condition meet a selected criteria, we can do without this part of the claim form. Do reach out to your financial consultant for more details.

Can I get back my medical receipt(s)?

Yes, you can request for certified true copy of medical receipt(s) by filling the Form of Request For Certified True Copy Of Medical Receipt(s). You have to submit the signed and completed form together with the original medical receipt(s) at the same time. You must specify the delivery option. Correspondence address must be provided if the certified true copy is delivered by post. Mainlander may request for returning original medical receipt if it is issued by mainland hospital. Please contact your Financial Consultant for details.

If I had filed a Waiver of Premium claim and am still awaiting your decision, do I have to pay the premium for this interim period?

Before we reach a decision to pay the claim, you are obliged to pay the premiums to keep the policy in force. After we had admitted the Waiver of Premium claim, we will then refund the premium paid for the waiver period.