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PRUChoice Furkid Care Insurance
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PRUChoice Furkid Care Insurance

Aside from providing benefits on medical expenses, third party legal liability and funeral expenses for your pet, the plan also covers the cost of emergency pet sitting care at a licensed pet sitting facility in Hong Kong in case you are hospitalised for over 2 consecutive days or encounter trip delay for over 2 consecutive days due to terrorist attack, natural disaster, etc when returning to Hong Kong from an overseas travel trip.

Many owners love their kitties and doggies like children, but keeping a pet is costly. In addition to basic medical expenses such as vaccinations and neutering/spaying, clinical medical expenses charged on pets might be more costly than on human. In case of critical illnesses, pet’s surgical and hospitalisation expenses are even higher. Additionally, the compensation to the third party responsible by you can be unexpectedly high if your pet injures another person or damages their property due to your negligence. Owners may need to bear legal liability and the financial burden of paying a settlement.

PRUChoice Furkid Care Insurance offers all-rounded coverage for medical expenses, funeral expenses, third party legal liability and emergency pet sitting care, ensuring you and your beloved pets are well protected at all times.


Privileged offers*


A range of privileged offers on health and wellness in Hong Kong including:

Pet shops, pet services, pet-friendly restaurants, wellness program for furry kids and their parents.

Prudential reserves the right to change the above privileged offers from time to time without prior notice.


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PRUChoice Furkid Care Application is only applicable on or after 7 June 2022.