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Who underwrites this product?

This product is underwritten by Prudential General Insurance Hong Kong Limited.

Who is The "Applicant"?

"The Applicant" - must be aged 18 or over, plan to own this policy, and will be responsible for all related premium costs.

What is the difference between the cover for local domestic helpers and overseas domestic helpers?

Both local and overseas domestic helpers are eligible for Basic Plan - Employees' Compensation section. 

But the comprehensive cover section is provided to overseas domestic helpers only because:

a) benefits like Repatriation Expenses and Re-hiring Expenses are not applicable to local domestic helpers;
b) Since Personal Accident section covers accidental bodily injury during rest days only, local amah presents a different risk exposure in this aspect;
c) unlike overseas domestic helpers, no medical check has ever been conducted for local domestic helpers.

Are part-time overseas domestic helpers covered in this plan as well ?

We have defined 'Domestic Helper' as a person employed by the Insured on a full-time basis for domestic purpose or as a gardener at the Insured's address. Therefore, part-time overseas domestic helpers are not covered under our policy. In fact, such an employment is illegal under the law of Hong Kong.

Which types of domestic helpers are eligible for the Basic Plan: Employees' Compensation?

These domestic helpers are eligible for the Basic Plan: Employees' Compensation:

  • Full time/ part time local domestic helper
  • Overseas domestic helper
Which type of domestic helpers is eligible for the Comprehensive Optional Cover?

Overseas domestic helper.