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Who underwrites this product?

This product is underwritten by Prudential General Insurance Hong Kong Limited.

When will my travel insurance become effective if I buy it through this web site ?

PRUchoice Travel Insurance will be effective immediately after you have filled in all necessary information correctly and paid your premium by credit card successfully. You can apply anytime before departure from Hong Kong.

What is Annual Cover ?

Annual Cover PRUchoice Travel provides annual cover if you are a frequent traveller, no matter for pleasure or business purpose (provided that no manual work is required and the occupation is not excluded in the policy; please check the details from your financial consultant), PRUchoice Travel provides you a continual coverage throughout the year without the trouble of applying for travel insurance every time you go abroad. Premium is just HK$1,680. Cover is on a worldwide basis and is provided up to 90 days for each trip, regardless of the number of trips you make within the policy period.

What is One-Way Cover ?

For Insured Persons who are leaving Hong Kong on an one-way ticket (eg. to study abroad or emigrate), you can choose to take one-way cover and insure yourselves for up to seven days after arrival at the country of final destination. (Cover will terminate upon expiry of the declared period of insurance if a shorter period is chosen.)

What is the maximum period of insurance ?

The maximum period of protection is 6 months for single trip and 90 days per trip for annual cover.

How should I choose my Destination Area ?

Please select the option which includes all your destinations if your trip includes more than one. Applicable for the trip in Asia including but not limited to Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, The Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam or the island of Guam, Maldives, Palau, Saipan and Tinian.

How many insured persons can be covered in a policy ?

Maximum of 6 insured persons can be covered by one policy.

Should other insured persons be travelling with me ?

All insured persons of one single policy must travel together to the same destination(s) within the period of same departure and return date.

If I have not received any confirmation email or policy through mail, how can I know whether my policy is effective or not ?

Once you see your transaction number and policy number which will be generated right after your credit card payment is confirmed, your policy will become effective immediately. You can check your purchase from our web site if you are our website member, or contact us/your agent to verify the details.

Can I cancel my policy and ask for premium refund ?

Once the transaction is completed and premium is collected from your credit card account, no refund of premium is allowed.

What should I do if my luggage is stolen during the trip?

In case of loss of baggage, personal belongs or money, you should report loss to the police within 24 hours of discovery and obtain a report. To avoid unauthorized use of credit card, you should report loss to the card issuer within 24 hours of discovery as well. If you need assistance, you can call 24 hours emergency assistance services hotline at 2862 0111 for assistance.

How do I make claims?

The claim procedure is simple. If you are our website member, you can submit the claim notification form either online or by mail. If our financial consultant has already been assigned to you, you can contact him/her who will arrange the cliam submission for you. Surely, you can contact us directly for information and advice as well.