Medical Insurance & Crisis Cover Insurance

  • PRUHealth Critical Illness Term II

    When you are young, it can be difficult to think about how your family would cope if you are seriously ill or even unfortunately pass away. But this is actually the best time to start putting plans in place. PRUHealth Critical Illness Term II safeguards you and your loved ones against financial worry with substantial, lump-sum life and critical illness protection – all-in-one cost-effective plan. And, as your life stages change, you can easily convert your cover to a new whole-life insurance plan with cash value without the need to give us any health information.

  • PRUHealth Critical Illness First Protect

    When you are starting out, having the peace of mind from knowing your finances are protected from critical illness is invaluable. PRUHealth Critical Illness First Protect provides whole-life, lump-sum cover against the financial impact of 74 disease conditions. With affordable premiums over a limited period, the plan also safeguards you with in-depth cover; a maximum of 75% extra protection for up to the first 15 years against major disease conditions or death.

  • PRUHealth FlexiChoice Medical Plan

    When you or your loved ones are ill or injured and need treatment in a private hospital, being able to choose which type of room to stay in can make a real difference to the comfort of your recovery. PRUHealth FlexiChoice Medical Plan is a certified plan under the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) that gives you a choice by covering the eligible expenses of medical treatment according to the level of cover you have chosen: ward, semi-private room or private room. The plan offers a greater depth and breadth of cover as well as extra cover for serious illnesses plus an optional supplementary benefit to cover large medical bills.

  • PRUHealth CoreChoice Medical Plan

    When you or your loved ones are ill or injured, the last thing you want is having to choose between private hospital treatment and being forced by money worries into treatment in a public hospital. PRUHealth CoreChoice Medical Plan is a certified plan under the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) that gives you a choice by covering the eligible medical treatment expenses. There is no lifetime benefit limit and we guarantee that you can renew the plan up to age 100.

  • PRUHealth Cancer ReCover

    Getting a cancer diagnosis - even for an early stage condition - can feel like it has changed your world. Yet more people are surviving cancer. Finding cover against the return of cancer when you have recovered can be a challenge though. PRUHealth Cancer ReCover is a first-in-market cancer protection plan tailored for cancer survivors. The plan aims to provide you with lump sum protection if you are unfortunately diagnosed with covered cancer again, even in the organs in which you have had cancer or carcinoma-in-situ (stage 0 cancer).

  • Juvenile PRUmed hospital care plan / PRUmed hospital care plan
    • Daily cash for any hospital confinement required within the benefit area up to a maximum of 1,000 days
    • Double benefit in the event of admission to intensive care unit
    • The cash payable can be spent in any way you like
    • Coverage to age 75 (age next birthday), giving you total peace of mind
  • Long Term Care Benefit

    Good health is an invaluable asset to all of us. If a misfortune such as an accident or a serious illness occurs so that longterm care is required, you and your family will be burdened both emotionally and financially. The Long Term Care Benefit is designed to provide the person covered by the policy (the “Life Assured”) with regular monthly benefit1 so as to lessen the financial burdenshould he/she be unable to take care of himself/herself by performing daily activities2, thus allowing the Life Assured tohave a carefree recovery.

  • PRUhealth critical illness extended care

    Now, more than ever, critical illnesses are survivable, but we have little control over their financial impact if they strike again. PRUhealth critical illness extended care offers - with limited years of premium payment – in-depth protection against different disease conditions. Even if you claim for a major disease condition, it keeps on protecting you with cover for 2 more claims for cancer; also 2 further claims for a combination of heart attack or stroke. The plan also covers you for benign tumour removal.

  • PRUhealth critical illness multi-care prestige

    PRUhealth critical illness multi-care prestige protects you with multi-claim critical illness and life cover – both in one plan. With protection against 126 disease conditions, you can make multiple claims and still be protected by the life cover. We will even care for you in your own home to aid recovery. We also safeguard your children with our dedicated children’s triple protection.

  • PRUhealth critical illness protector
    • Covers 75 early to late stage disease conditions
    • Protection for early stage major disease conditions, including pre-cancerous conditions
    • Retains protection amount after early stage major disease condition claims before age 75 (age next birthday [ANB])
    • Up to 70% extra protection for the first 10 years
    • Additional 20% protection for late stage major disease conditions
    • Benefit Protector Option – to combat inflation
  • PRUhealth essential critical care

    Medical costs should never be a barrier to getting the treatment you need when you are diagnosed with a serious illness. PRUhealth essential critical care covers all your eligible medical expenses for cancer, heart attack and stroke treatments. You can get up to HKD 18,000,000 of cover - for life - at an affordable premium.

  • PRUhealth lady care

    PRUhealth lady care protects you against the financial impact of common female illnesses, including pre-cancerous conditions. If you are diagnosed with any of the female illnesses we cover, you will receive a lump sum you can use for any purpose. The plan also provides cover for the costs of various types of medical procedures.

  • PRUhealth medical plus

    When you need hospital care, PRUhealth medical plus is a medical insurance that offers you lifetime cover of HKD 30,000,000 (HKD 10,000,000 annually). With access to semi-private room treatment and with no limit on most eligible hospitalisation and surgical fees, you can concentrate on recovering faster without worrying about the costs.

  • PRUhealth secure top-up plan

    We understand that you deserve quality healthcare service throughout your work life and retirement, and we know that you demand for a plan that will enhance your existing medical protection and save you from paying substantial hospital expenses. This is why we offer PRUhealth secure top-up plan, which supplements your existing group or individual medical plan(s) (“other medical plan(s)”) by reimbursing 90% of eligible medical expenses that are in excess of your existing coverage and provides you with guaranteed conversion and guaranteed whole life renewal.

  • PRUmed lifelong care plan
    • A total solution for lifelong medical protection
    • Comprehensive coverage to reimburse you for medically necessary expenses
    • Extra coverage for total peace of mind
  • PRUmyhealth cancer protector

    More patients are surviving and recovering from cancer. To fight this tough battle, the last thing you need to worry is money. With PRUmyhealth cancer protector, we offer protection to reimburse all eligible expenses that might be required in a cancer treatment so that you can focus on getting well.


  • PRUmyhealth prestige medical plan

    Tailored for our most prestigious customers aged 1 to 70 (age next birthday [ANB]), PRUmyhealth prestige medical plan offers comprehensive medical protection with lifetime global coverage of up to USD 6,250,000 / HKD 50,000,000. What’s more, you can top up your plan with the supplementary Outpatient, Maternity and Dental Benefits.