Medical Insurance & Crisis Cover Insurance

Covers 117 disease conditions and continuous cover for ongoing critical illness - with lump-sum financial support for cancer every year, up to a total of 500% cover while it persists

Covers 75 early to late stage disease conditions and retains protection amount after early stage major disease condition claims.

Offers financial protection against 126 disease conditions with multiple critical illness cover, with 100% life cover even after a critical illness claim.

Provides whole-life, lump-sum cover against the financial impact of 74 disease conditions (including Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke). 

Covers eligible cost of semi-private room hospital treatment up to HKD10,000,000 per year and HKD30,000,000 per lifetime with no limit on most eligible hospitalisation and surgical fees.

We have launched 2 VHIS certified plans – PRUHealth CoreChoice Medical Plan (Standard Plan) and PRUHealth FlexiChoice Medical Plan (Flexi Plan), giving you a choice by covering the eligible expenses of medical treatment.

Highly affordable, substantial life and critical illness protection in one plan. Protect your finances against 59 major disease conditions.

A first-in-market cancer protection plan tailored for cancer survivors. Provides 100% lump sum protection for new or recurring covered cancer.

Covers eligible medical expenses for cancer, heart attack and stroke treatments. Up to HKD18,000,000 of cover for life at an affordable premium.

Provides daily cash during hospital confinement, up to a maximum of 1,000 days, with double benefit in the event of admission to intensive care unit.

Provides regular monthly benefit options should the Life Assured be unable to take care of himself/herself by performing daily activities. 

Provides up to 200% protection on female illnesses and medical procedures, as well as medical check-up every 2 years.

Supplements your existing medical plan(s) by reimbursing 90% of eligible medical expenses that are in excess of your existing coverage.

A comprehensive medical plan offering in-patient and out-patient surgery benefits with guaranteed whole life renewability. 

Allows reimbursement of eligible cancer treatment costs and covers the cost of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy and hormonal therapy. 

Covers eligible cost of private room hospital treatment up to USD6,250,000 / HKD50,000,000 per lifetime with no limit on most eligible hospitalisation and surgical fees. 

* Subject to terms and conditions.