Global health protection tailored for your convenience

Tailored for our most prestigious customers aged 1 to 70i (age next birthday [ANB]), PRUmyhealth prestige medical plan offers comprehensive medical protection with lifetime global coverage of up to USD 6,250,000 / HKD 50,000,000. What’s more, you can top up your plan with the supplementary Outpatient, Maternity1 and Dental Benefits2.

Plan highlights

  1. Issue age of Maternity Benefit1 is 19 - 40 (ANB).
  2. Subject to an overall annual limit of USD 2,500,000 / HKD 20,000,000, an overall lifetime limit6 of USD 6,250,000 / HKD 50,000,000 and the annual deductible selected. It is also subject to Reasonable and Customary Charges in relation to treatment or services which are Medically Necessary7.
  3. Subject to the continual availability of the plan to all policyholders already enrolled, terms and conditions applicable and the prevailing premium rates at the time of renewal. Supplementary Maternity Benefit1 (coverage ceases at the age of 45 [ANB] )and supplementary Dental Benefit2 (coverage ceases at the age of 75 [ANB]) are excluded from the lifetime guaranteed renewal and subject to the terms and conditions of the policy provisions.
  1. Outpatient Benefit and Dental Benefit2 are pre-requisites for attaching Maternity Benefit.
  2. Outpatient Benefit is a pre-requisite for attaching Dental Benefit.
  3. The benefit amount payable (except Death Benefits) will be reduced by 50% in the event that: (1) the life assured has taken up residence in the USA for at least 183 days in the past 12 months at the time of confinement/stay receiving medical treatment and/or service in the USA; and/or (2) the life assured does not get prior authorisation from us for the confinement or day surgery received in the USA under Core Benefits, unless it is directly due to an accident.
  4. Lifetime guaranteed renewal is subject to conditions including the continual availability of the plan to all policyholders already enrolled, terms and conditions applicable and the prevailing premium rates at the time of renewal. We reserve the right to review the premium rates on each policy anniversary and adjust the premium rates accordingly across a particular risk class. Also, we have the right to revise the terms and conditions and/or the Benefit Schedule of the policy on each policy anniversary to reflect any past or foreseeable changes in medical practice and claims experience, and will apply the revision to all policies under the plan. If we decide to no longer offer the plan to all policyholders already enrolled, we will endeavour to enrol the life assured in another available medical plan at that time without any new individual terms or personal exclusions.

    The policy will be terminated if any fraudulent claim has been made.
  5. Except at the policy anniversary that immediately follows the 55th, 60th or 65th birthday of the life assured, you are required to undergo medical underwriting procedures if you request to reduce the annual deductible after policy issuance.
  6. Overall lifetime limit means the absolute cap on all amounts paid and payable in aggregate under all in-force and terminated PRUmyhealth prestige medical plan policies including the supplementary benefits (if any) covering the same life assured during his/her lifetime.
  7. Confinement/stay, medical treatment and/or service is Medically Necessary if it is consistent with the diagnosis and customary medical treatment for the condition. The confinement/stay, medical treatment and/or service should also conform to the standards of generally accepted medical practice and not just for the convenience of the life assured, his/her relatives or the registered doctor. In case of hospital confinement, the medical treatment and/or service should be performed on the basis of the medical symptoms or conditions of the life assured that cannot be safely provided without hospital confinement.

During the sales process, this document should be read in conjunction with the relevant product brochure. For full terms and conditions, and risk disclosures of the relevant insurance plan, please refer to relevant product brochure and policy document and read carefully.



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