Prudential Cares for Customers' Individual and Family Needs First to Establish Children's Playroom in Financial Planning Centre


(Hong Kong, 3 August 2005) The Prudential Assurance Company Limited ("Prudential") announced the opening of its first PRUFinancial Planning Centre at its Principal Office at One Exchange Square on 26 July 2005. Designed with customers in mind, in addition to offering one-stop financial solutions, it has the added convenience of a specially designed children's playroom to provide total peace of mind to its valued customers. 

Located in Central at Hong Kong's business hub, PRUFinancial Planning Centre occupies over 7,000 square feet. Decorated in contemporary style, the centre is well equipped with all sorts of facilities, such as financial news TV broadcast, private meeting rooms, internet services and more for customers to enjoy personalized and professional financial advisory services.

Mr. Michael Leung, Chief Agency Officer of Prudential said, "Financial planning plays an increasingly important role in the lives of Hong Kong people and insurance is a key part of the financial planning process. In line with our listening credo, the opening of our first PRUFinancial Planning Centre provides an ideal setting for listening actively to customers' financial needs and assisting them to achieve their personal and family goals. Precedent to investing in the centre, Prudential have placed great emphasis on providing professional training to our sales force to further enhance the value of our services to customers. The establishment of the "Academy of Financial Services" in 2004 is another initiative which strengthens our salesforce's professionalism in financial planning." 

The innovative idea of providing a specially designed children's playroom in the centre demonstrates Prudential's commitment to customers and their families. Equipped with various toys and story books and has continuous TV broadcast of educational and fun children's cartoons and programmes, the children's playroom aims to encourage parents to bring their children along where they can read and have fun in the safe and cozy playroom.

Mr. Ian Henderson, Chief Partnerships Distribution Officer of Prudential remarked, "Professional financial planning is vital in helping customers to understand the many and varied options open to them in meeting their financial goals and in providing peace of mind along the way. As a listening company, we understand that when it comes to planning the financial future for themselves or their dependents, people value professional advice. The opening of the PRUFinancial Planning Centre gives customers the benefit of convenience and comfort in which to regularly review their situation in an ever changing world."

PRUFinancial Planning Centre is decorated in contemporary style, providing one-stop finanical solutions to customers.

The children's playroom