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Shop through our "e+Purchase" catalogue. Read all product information before buying. Once you have decided to buy, click the "Apply Now" button which will lead you to an application form.



Step 1: Quotation


Carefully fill in the related information. We recommend you to complete all fields, although only those with an * next to it are "required" in order to process the purchase. Then select "Calculation" to get the total premium. Afterwards, you may select "Buy Now" to proceed to next step.



Step 2: Enter applicant information and read the declaration carefully


Carefully fill out the application form. We recommend you to complete all fields, although only those with an * next to it are "required" in order to process the purchase. By giving us more details about yourself, we willbe able to serve you better in the future.


After read through the Declaration, please select "I Accept". This is to make sure you understand the terms and conditions of applying for insurance through our website.

Don't get too worried at this point even though you are going to click the "I Accept" button. You are not yet committed to apply, and you will have a chance later to view all the information you've entered before confirming the transaction.



Step 3: Preview purchasing details and Enter credit card information


Preview the details of your purchase. Make sure you have entered the correct names of the insured persons, email address, correspondence address, coverage type, etc, so that we can deliver the right policies to the right addresses. You may edit the information entered by clicking the "Edit Application Details" button.


Purchase payment is made through credit card, and we accept VISA and MasterCard. Fill out your credit card information accordingly and you can confirm your purchase by clicking "Confirm Payment" button. Do not attempt to click to other pages or leave the website when the "processing" screen is on, or before the confirmation page appears. At this time, the transaction is being processed and leaving the screen suddenly will disrupt this process. Transaction is only confirmed when the Confirmation Page is displayed with your policy number and details on it.



Step 4: Application completed!


Your purchase is confirmed and completed at this stage. Read carefully the policy details and contact our General Insurance hotline at 3656-8362 for any enquiry.