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What is myPrudential Club?

Prudential website myPrudential Club welcomes every HKID Card holders to join. To become a member, applicant needs to complete the online application form and activate the account via the confirmation email. Once registered, members are entitled to enjoy all the benefits specially prepared for them!

Remarks: Prudential reserves the right to accept or decline any membership application; and to modify myPrudential Club structure and operations at any time. Prudential will not be liable for loss or damage resulting therefrom.

What is e+Point?

Members may accumulate e+Points while using our specified online services or participating in specified activities* during a promotion period. More e+Points collected, more surprises lie ahead.


Remarks:Prudential reserves absolute right to credit or debit a member's e+Point account and may change the way in which e+Point are granted and used without prior notice. e+Points collected in 2004 will expire on 31 Dec 2006, and so on.


myPrudential Club Members can use e+Points to redeem e-Coupons. You may redeem an e+Purchase PRUchoiceTravel HK$20 e-Coupon by using 6,000 e+Points. As long as you have sufficient e+Point balance, you may redeem as many e-Coupons as you want.


Act now and log onto myPrudential Club in "Policyowner/Member Homepage" to redeem e-Coupons, and apply for the plans that suit your needs at a better price.


* Please click here to view the details of specified online services or activities .

How do I check my e+Points balance?

After logging in using the Login ID and password to the Member Homepage, member can check his e+Points balance inside myPrudential Club section.

How to redeem and use e-Coupons?

How to redeem e-Coupons?
Please click here to view the steps to redeem e-Coupons.

How to use e-Coupons?
Please click here to view the steps to use e-Coupons.

Act now and log onto Member/Policyowner Homepage to redeem e-Coupons and purchase the travel insurance you need at a better price! If you have not registered as myPrudential Club Member yet, please click here to register.


Terms and conditions for e-Coupon Redemption and Usage: